Nobita Shizuka Sex – Shizuka Was Forced By Nobita and Dog

In this nobita shizuka sex story covered how Shizuka Was Forced And Raped By Nobita along with dog One day nobita invited Shizuka to his place to play werewolf game. He used doraemon’s gadget flashlight and turned himself and Shizuka in werewolf as Shizuka turned werewolf her pussy getting wet and she couldn’t control herself so she pulled out nobita’s pants and started sucking his dick. After seen Shizuka like that nobita also couldn’t control so he started fucking her wet pussy and left her pussy all filled up.

In this nobita xxx shizuka Story covered After all that happened to nobita and shizuka in part 1 of this comic. One day when Adult Shizuka was cleaning she found that Flashlight younger nobita and shizuka used to turn into werewolf in part 1. As she remembering about that incident as it was her first sexual experience and again she used that gadget on herself. As flashlight started showing it results her breasts getting bigger and bigger that they are coming out of her clothes and this happening with all her body parts. After hearing her fido [her dog] her dog came into that room and he started staring at her then he started licking her pussy. as nobita come home he finds out shizuka and her dog fido fucking each other.


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